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Low level summoning 1-67

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Low level summoning 1-67

Post  Popotan Maid on Sun Feb 20, 2011 6:41 am

Hello everyone and welcome to Summoning 101.
Everything in parenthesis() are codes of the item.

First off spawn:
Gold Charm(12158)
Spirit Shards(12183)

From level 1-4
Spawn 6 Wolf Bones(2859)
Make Spirit Wolfs

From level 4-23
Spawn 65 Raw Chicken(2139)
Make Dreadfowls

Now bank Gold Charms and spawn Blue Charms(12163)[Which you will use till 99]

From level 23-36
Spawn Raw Rat Meat(2134)
Make Albino Rats

From level 36-46
Spawn Bronze Bars(2349)
Make Bronze Minotaurs

From level 46-56
Spawn Iron Bars(2351)
Make Iron Minotaurs

From level 56-67
Spawn Steel Bars(2353)
Make Steel Minotaurs

king May Guthix Bring You Balance king
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